Logo de l'Organisation Mondiale de la Presse Périodique

Organisation Mondiale de la Presse Périodique

World Organization of the Periodical Press

Association internationale sans but lucratif (a.i.s.b.l)
International non profit organization

Services - Documentation

The WOPP‘s members benefit national and international advantages.

The members, starting from their admission, have the benefit of the following services and documents.

International Press Card

This card offers to the entitled the largest introductions.

Nevertheless, the World Organization of the Periodical Press strictly supervises that no abuse could be made of it.

Badge for the car

A sticker-badge, with the mention of the year and the number of the affiliated member is sent to each admitted member, in order to be affixed on the windscreen of his car.

“OMPP / WOPP” Pins

A pin (round or rectangle) enameled and coloured can be sent to the member, when asked.

Those different identifications of “being part of the OMPP / WOPP” remain the exclusive property of the Organization and their return may be asked to the members at whatever moment, namely in case of misuse – which in such eventuality would be severely punished.